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Serving as a focal gathering point for residents, Masjid Bint Samikh is visible from the entire pathway between the shops, located at the tail end of the suq. It was named after Aisha Bint Abeed Al Samikh Al Zaabi, who relocated from Al Jazeera Al Hamra to Saudi Arabia after marrying the country’s former ruler, King Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Known by her kin as Bint Samikh, she would frequently return to visit her family in Al Jazeera Al Hamra and endeavored to rebuild and restore the mosque in the 1950s, adding a minaret with a classical design from the Al Ahsa region in Eastern Saudi Arabia.    


Archaeological excavations of the Bint Samikh mosque revealed several phases of its use, demonstrating that it was built on the remains of a former mosque known as Masjid Abdullah Bin Sultan Aluwais. The walled complex further includes a wash house for ablutions.


The remains of a watchtower, which was destroyed by the British in 1820, are also visible in close proximity to the mosque. Its demolition could be verified during archaeological excavations, revealing intense scorch marks. 

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