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Cultural heritage, archaeology, and conservation at Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village

Have you ever been curious about what the process of unearthing cultural heritage looks like? Tune into this summer's special majlis series on cultural heritage, archaeology, and conservation at Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village! Hosted on July 6, 13, and 20, our session will feature three specialists and their experience with bringing Al Jazeera Al Hamra back to life. This Majlis will have these following sessions:


Session 1: Safeguarding the Future: Conserving Al Jazeera Al Hamra for Upcoming Generations – 6/7/2023

Session 2: Unearthing History: Archaeological Excavations in Al Jazeera Al Hamra 13/7/2023

Session 3: Diving into the Past: Al Jazeera Al Hamra in Yesteryears 20/7/2023

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